Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon has six campuses spread throughout the metropolitan area of the city of Monterrey, where most of its offices and schools are housed.


Ciudad Universitaria

Located in San Nicolás de los Garza, Nuevo León, Ciudad Universitaria is the main campus of UANL with a size of 233 acres. It houses the Central Administration Offices and the Office of the President as well as 11 undergraduate schools: School of Social Work and Human Development, School of Accounting and Business Management, School of Philosophy and Literature, School of Law and Criminology, School of Architecture, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, School of Chemistry, School of Physics and Mathematics, School of Physical Education, School of Biology, 11 institutes, 2 research centers, and two main libraries: “Capilla Alfonsina” and “Raul Rangel Frias”, UANL center for Internationalization, Center for Digital Education, as well as a group of buildings and cafeterias.

In this campus you will also find our sports facilities such as: University Stadium, Gaspar Mass stadium, and the University Aquatic Olympic Center.


Mederos Campus

Located to the south of Monterrey, 25 minutes from the Main Campus. The campus size is 496.69 acres, it is surrounded by large green areas. It comprises the Schools of Communication, Music, Performing Arts, Economics, and Politics and Public Administration.

Additionally, it boasts the Center for Research and Development of Bilingual Education (CIDEB, for its acronym in Spanish), the Social Research Institute, the Center for Studies and Certification of Foreign Languages, UANL World Trade Center, the Center for Faculty Physical Fitness, the Department of Planning and Strategic projects, UANL foundation, Arts Center, as well as its impressive University Theater.


Agricultural Sciences Campus

Located in Escobedo, Nuevo León with a size of 34.94 acres, and houses the School of Agronomy, the School of Veterinary Medicine, High School 25, the Center for Agribusiness Development, the Agricultural Sciences Library, and the Department of Tigres Polysport Center.


Campus Linares

Linares campus is located one hour and a half away from the Main campus in the south of the state, with a size of 9544.39 acres, it houses the School of Earth Sciences, Forestry, High School No. 4, and extensions of the Schools of Accounting and Business Management, Law and Criminology, Philosophy and Literature, Physical Education, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Nursing, Alvaro Obregon Industrial and Technical High School, and the UANL School in the Forest in Iturbide.


Health Sciences Campus

The health sciences campus is located approximately 15 minutes west of the Main Campus with a size of 72.11 acres. It is made up the health-related schools such as the School of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Psychology, and Public Health and Nutrition. It also houses the prestigious “Dr. Jose Eleuterio Gonzalez” University Hospital and a specialized library.

Additionally, it boasts the Center for Research and Development in Health Sciences, the University Health Center, and the UANL Department of Health Services.


Sabinas Hidalgo Campus

This campus is located outside the metropolitan area of Monterrey, approximately one hour north of the main campus, with a size of 42.15 acres. It houses extensions of the Schools of Law and Criminology, Accounting and Business Management, Nursing, Psychology, as well as High School No. 5.

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