School of Architecture+52 8183294160
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Administrative Offices6770
Department of Graduate Studies6786
Office of the Vice President for Liaison and Research6729
Architecture Division6711
Industrial Design Division6737
Liaison department6765
Web and Network Administration6782
Center for Design and Innovation6755
Center for Research in Architecture and Urbanism6761
Center for Faculty Support and Training6768
English Language Department6716
Academic bodies6791
Cultural diffusion department6793
Office of doctoral studies6790
Distance Learning6748
Continuing Education6708
Alumni Job Board6763
Editorial office6809
Learning service department6734
External services6731
Tutoring learning department6777
Advanced infographics6727
Information center6720
CIC head office4186
Department of Audiovisual6758
Purchasing department6772
Pedagogy Department6767
Topographic department6724
Department of Student Records6707
Department of planning6773
Administrative office6756
Financial resources6775
Human resources6769
Academic support6736
Logistics and institutional identity6796
Cultural diffusion6795
Department of planning6739
Department of academic strategy6749
External services6731
Culture and architecture +52-8183440130
Purchasing department+52-8183766237

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